Traction Mat Installation For Yamaha Waverunner , Sea-Doo , Kawasaki Jetskis

Instructions for installing your new RP traction mat.

Thank you for purchasing your new RP traction mats. Please make sure you follow the installation instructions to keep your 1-year replacement warranty active.

Removal of the old mats is key to how the new mats will look and perform.

1)Removal of the old mats; Glued: peal the mats off by hand, remove as much as you can this way. You may have a few hard to get areas to remove the old mat, this is when you can use a putty knife to help remove the rest of the old mat material. Make sure not to damage the hull when using the putty knife, it is important to take your time with this entire process for the best results. After you get most of the mat off, we suggest using any leading name brand adhesive remover. It is key to get the surface 100% clean for the new mat to adhere properly to your ski.

Riveted Mats: get your drill out and select a drill bit slightly smaller than the rivet shaft. Drill out the rivets if they push into the hull this is fine. Make sure not to drill to deep into the hull as you can damage your ski. Once all the rivets are out remove the old mats. Fill the holes in with a marine grade adhesive / sealant. Let cure for the time allotted on the sealant you have chosen.

2)Clean and prep the surface area to remove any debris or adhesive remover from the ski. This is important for the new adhesive to stick.

3) With a clean dry surface, you are ready to install your new mats. We suggest that you lay them out on the ski and position them before you start to get the look you desire. We suggest the use of a dry erase maker and place points on the hull, so you have a guide for installation.

4)Now you have the ski cleaned prepped and guide marks its time to install your mats. Do not remove the entire backing as this makes the installation difficult. Start at a point where you have your guide marks, slowly follow your marks and work the new mat down going form one end to the other. As you remove the backing apply pressure to secure the mat to the ski.

5)Let your ski sit a day before you use it or wash it to make sure the adhesive is cured. When you wash your ski make sure to use soap and water no harsh chemicals as this can damage the foam or compromise the glue.

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Questions / Help Email:  Phone:727-378-7491

Enjoy your new mats and be safe on the water.