Sea-Doo Steering / Reverse Brass Cable Lock Kit 277000055 / 277001729 / 277001627

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New Ritco Products Cable lock kit for Sea-Doo Reverse and Steering cables. 

This item is a must have on your Sea-Doo. " A preventive maintenance item"   

Oem Cable locks are manufactured out of plastic which causes serious problems if the plastic cracks while in use or if your watercraft is in the water.  Broken cable locks will defeat the purpose of  control on your steering or reverse cables. Broken cable locks will allow water to rush into your hull and can create catastrophic engine failure by water intrusion .  

This kit is an aftermarket direct OEM  Replacement kit for  277000055 Part Number 

This kit Includes 

1 Brass Cable lock that replaces  277001729, 277001627 , 277000784 ,277000052

2 plastic Half Rings 277000055

1 Rubber Washer 211100009


Special Note : The 277000055 Half rings are typically used To lock the reverse cables on Sea-Doo  Models. However please check your exact year for fitment.